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Academic Staff

Name Title   Email  Phone
Bordy, Emese Senior Lecturer Clastic sedimentology, basin analysis, stratigraphy, Karoo in southern Africa, continental ichnology 021-650-2901
Compton, John Associate Professor Low-temperature sedimentary geochemistry, global carbon cycles 021-650-2927
Diener, Johann Senior Lecturer Metamorphic petrology, migmatisation, phase equilibria modelling 021-650-2925
Greyling, Lynnette Lecturer Economic geology: Orogenic gold mineralization and fluid evolution of Birimian greenstone belts, Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa. 021-650-4886
Harris, Chris Professor, Head of Dept. Stable isotopes in igneous rocks and hydrological systems, economic geology 021-650-4886
Janney, Philip Senior Lecturer Elemental and radiogenic isotopes characteristics of mantle-derived magmas and xenoliths 021-650-2929
le Roex, Anton

Chamber of Mines Professor, Dean of Science

Geochemistry and evolution of mafic igneous rocks 021-650-2902
le Roux, Petrus Senior Research Officer MC-ICP-MS technique development and light element and isotope systematics of mid-ocean ridge basalts 021-650-4139
Robyn Pickering Lecturer Isotope geochemistry, Quaternary geology 021-650-2911
Richardson, Steve Professor Isotope geochemistry, geochronology, diamonds, mantle evolution 021-650-2921
Sloan, Alastair Lecturer Structural geology 021-650-2924