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BSc Honours 2019

Riyaad Mukaddam

Thesis Title: Digital archiving of vertebrate ichnites from the late Triassic to early Jurassic of southern Africa

 Supervisor: Associate Professor Emese Bordy

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McDonald Mtonda

Thesis Title: Oxygen isotope composition of Neoproterozoic diamictite at Koegel Fontein

 Supervisor: Professor Chris Harris

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Jacques van der Merwe

Thesis Title: A comparison between aero-magnetically mapped basement structures and neotectonic geomorphological markers across Botswana

 Supervisor: Dr Alistair Sloan

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Elsa Santos

Thesis: Mineral chemistry of the Pukapuka vulcanic ridge, South Pacific Ocean

 Supervisor: Associate Professor Phil Janney

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Shaakirah Adams

Thesis Title: Geomorphology of active South African faults

 Supervisors: Dr Alastair Sloan and Dr Victoria Stevens

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Sinelethu Hashibi

Thesis Title:  Geochemical analysis of mantle xenoliths of a newly found diamondiferous group II kimberlite in Northern Cape, South Africa

 Supervisor: Associate Professor Phil Janney

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Katleho Mathafeng

Thesis Title:  Petrogenesis of ultra-fresh kimberlites from Sierra Leon, West Africa

 Supervisor:  Dr Geoffrey Howarth

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Batande Getyengana

Thesis Title: The Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Middle Stone Age deposits at Witberg Quarry in the Northern Cape, South Africa

 Supervisor: Dr Robyn Pickering

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Njabulo Ndimande

Thesis Title: The mineral chemistry of perovskite from the Tongo and Weasua  kimberlite clusters of West Africa

 Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Howarth

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