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Christel Tinguely

Latest publications

Bandama F., Chirikure S., Hall S., Tinguely C. (2018) Measly but motley and manifest: The typological and chemical characterisations of glass beads from the Southern Waterbury, Limpopo Province of South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 18, 90-99.

Macey, P.H., Thomas R.J., Minnaar H.M., Gresse P.G., Lambert C.W., Groenewald C.A., Miller J.A., Indongo J., Angombe M., Shifotoka G., Frei D., Diener J.F.A., Kisters A.F.M., Dhansay T., Smith H., Doggart S., Le Roux P., Hartnady M.I., Tinguely C. (2017) Origin and evolution of the ~1.9 Ga Richtersveld Magmatic Arc, SW Africa. Precambrian Research 292, 417-451.

Maneli M.H., Wiesner L., Tinguely C., Davids L.M., Spengane Z., Smith P., van Wyk J.C., Jardine A., Khumalo N.P. (2016) Combinations of potent topical steroids, mercury and hydroquinone are common in internationally manufactured skin-lightening products: a spectroscopic study. Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 41, 196-201.