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Dr Alastair Sloan


 Structural Geology

 Department of Geological Sciences

 Ph: (021) 650 2924
 Fax: (021) 650 3783






My primary research interests are the active tectonics and earthquake hazard of Iran, Central Asia and southern and eastern Africa. I use seismology, geomorphology and geodesy to study recent earthquakes, and to investigate large historical earthquakes. I am particularly interested in using these observations to understand how large-scale rheological variations affect seismic hazard and the tectonic evolution of the continents.


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  • PhD, University of Cambridge, Earth Sciences, 2012
  • BA/MSci University of Cambridge, 2008


  • Lecturer, University of Cape Town, 2015 - present
  • Junior Research Fellow, Christ Church, University of Oxford, 2012-2016