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Dr. Beth Kahle


Geophysics and Geodynamics 

Rm 505/506
 Department of Geological Sciences​
Ph:  +27 (0)21 650 2930
Fax:  +27 (0)21 650 3783

Current CV



As a geologist with a geophysics PhD, I enjoy participating in projects which combine very different branches of science to understand the Earth.  I'm currently interested in the recent tectonic evolution of southern Africa, especially the application of paleoseismology to understand the kinematics and timing of recent earthquake faults, as well as the role of the mantle in supporting elevated topography across the continent.  


2010 Shaw et al., EPSL 297, 395-404.  Radiometric dating of uplifted marine fauna in Greece: implications for the interpretation of 
recent earthquake and tectonic histories 

2010 Shaw and Jackson, GJI 181, 966-984.  Earthquake mechanisms and active tectonics of the Hellenic subduction zone 

2008 Shaw et al., Nature Geosciences 1, 268-276.  Eastern Mediterranean tectonics and tsunami hazard inferred from the AD 365 earthquake