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Prof. Johann Diener

Associate Professor

Metamorphic petrology

Department of Geological Sciences
Upper Campus
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch, 7701, RSA
Room 409
Ph:  +27 (0)21 650 2483
Fax:  +27 (0)21 650 3783




My main research interest is the development and application of mineral equilibria modelling techniques (THERMOCALC) to investigate metamorphic processes. Specific interests are the conditions and mechanisms of migmatisation and melt migration through lower-crustal rocks (with ongoing projects in the Namaqua Metamorphic Complex in South Africa and Namibia), and the interplay of physical and chemical processes during crustal reworking.

Recent Publications

Dziggel, A., Diener, J.F.A., Kokfelt, T.F., Kolb, J. & Schersten, A. (2019) Thermal structure and evolution of an Archaean large hot orogeny: Insights from the Tasiusarsuaq terrane, SW Greenland. Precambrian Research,  335, 105499.

Schorn, S. & Diener, J.F.A. (2019) Seemingly disparate temperatures recorded in coexisting granulite facies lithologies. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 37, 1049–1078.

Stenvall, C.A., Fagereng, Å. & Diener, J.F.A (2019) Weaker than weakest: on the strength of shear zones. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 7404­–7413.

Doukkari, S.A., Diener, J.F.A., Ouzegane, K. & Kienast, J.-R. (2018) Mineral equilibrium modelling and calculated chemical potential relations of reaction textures in the ultrahigh-temperature In Ouzzal terrane (In Hihaou area, Western Hoggar, Algeria). Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 36, 1175–1198.

Schorn, S., Diener, J.F.A., Powell, R. & Stüwe, K. (2018) Thermal buffering in orogenic crust. Geology46, 643–646.

Fagereng, Å., Diener, J.F.A., Ellis, S. & Remitti, F. (2018) Fluid-related deformation processes at the up- and down-dip limits of the subduction thrust seismogenic zone: What do the rocks tell us?, in Byrne, T., Fisher, D., McNeill, L., Saffer, D., Uijie, K., Underwood, M. and Yamaguchi, A. (eds) Geology and Tectonics of Subduction Zones: A Tribute to Gaku Kimura. Geological Society of America Special Paper 534, 187–215.

Stuck, T.J. & Diener, J.F.A. (2018) Mineral equilibria constraints on open-system melting in metamafic compositions. Journal of Metamorphic Geology36, 255–281.

Fagereng, Å., Diener, J.F.A., Meneghini, F., Harris, C. & Kvadsheim, A. (2018) Quartz vein formation by local dehydration embrittlement along the deep, tremorogenic subduction thrust interface. Geology46, 67–70.

Macey, P.H., Thomas, R.J., Minnaar, H.M., Gresse, P.G., Lambert, C.W., Groenewald, C., Miller, J.A., Indongo, J., Angombe, M., Shifotoka, G., Frei, D., Diener, J.F.A., Kisters, A.F.M., Dhansay, T., Smith, H., Doggart, S., Le Roux, P., Hartnady, M.I.H. & Tinguely, C. (2017) Origin and evolution of the ~1.9 Ga Richtersveld Magmatic Arc, SW Africa. Precambrian Research292, 417–451.

Diener, J.F.A., Thomas, R.J., Macey, P.H. (2017) Pan-African accretionary metamorphism in the Sperrgebiet Domain, Gariep Belt, SW Namibia, Precambrian Research, 292, 152–162.



  • PhD University of Melbourne, 2008
  • MSc University of Stellenbosch, 2004
  • BSc(Hons) University of Stellenbosch, 2002
  • Associate Professor, University of Cape Town, 2019-present
  • Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Town, 2014-2018
  • Lecturer, University of Cape Town, 2008-2013
Professional Affiliations
  • Geochemical Society
  • Geological Society of South Africa
  • Geological Society of South Africa (Western Cape Branch)
  • Geological Society of Australia (2006-2007)

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