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Educational Resources on the Mantle

Mantle Science Classroom Kits

Small classroom kits of a selection of mantle rocks from South Africa are available for local teachers to borrow for a maximum of two weeks.  Each kit contains a good sized hand sample of the following rocks:  1) Peridotite, 2) Eclogite, and 3) Kimberlite.  Background information is included one each sample along with other educational materials.  Let your students explore the mysteries of the Earth's mantle with these amazing specimens.

Send us a note using the online request form (right) if you are interested in borrowing a kit.


GEOteach Program

The UCT Geological Sciences has partnered with the UCT Schools Development Unit (SDU) to create the GEOteach program.  GEOteach offers local teachers a chance to expand their knowledge by participating in a series of geoscience short courses offered at UCT campus.  A team of educators and scientists presents hands-on, interactive classes that can help teachers prepare to teach such topics as rocks and minerals, fossils and geoheritage, Earth structure and tectonics, astronomy and much more.   

For a list of science short courses, see the SDU website at: