Mapping trip in the Northern Cape
2018 Third year students on a mapping trip to Nous Wells and Aggeneys with Assoc. Prof. Phil Janney and Prof. Chris Harris. Photos by Martin Giger.
Geological ‘barcodes’: a unique way to date rocks
Using magnetostratigraphy to get to grips with the age of the Elliot Formation.
Third year mapping trip to Nous Wells and Aggeneys
The happy mappers on a 7-day trip exploring igneous and meta-sedimentary rocks in the Northern Cape, with Dr's Phil Janney and Johann Diener. Photos by Martin Giger.
Dig dig hooray!
LEFT: Location of the burrow site (blue star) in the Elliot Formation. MIDDLE: Reconstruction of the vegetated and burrowed crevasse splay deposit in the upper Elliot Formation.
Lesothosaurus diagnosticus mandible (upper Elliot Formation, Lower Jurassic) digitally reconstructed
Left: Fossil occurrences of Lesothosaurus, Right: Partial left and right mandible in (A-B) medial and (C) dorsal views of new specimen.

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Monday, 18 June 2018
Million year old monkey

Dr Pickering, a lead researcher involved in the discovery of an extinct monkey species in the Dominican Republic.

Publication Date:
Friday, September 18, 2015 - 12:15