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The Mantle Room Collection

The UCT Mantle Room is a collection of over 10 000 specimens that have either sampled the mantle or have value for mantle research. The collection is housed on the main campus, next door to the Department of Geological Sciences and is intended for use by researchers to source material for further mantle related research. The specimens have been collected from all over the world (Southern Africa,Australia, Canada, Russia, Brazil) and are mostly from mines or mine dumps that in some cases are no longer accessible. 

An extensive variety of kimberlite magmas, peridotite, eclogite, megacryst and crustal xenoliths that have sampled the upper mantle are part of the collection. The collection is largely from Southern Africa with samples from major diamond mines/diamond mining areas including Jagersfontein, Finsch, Jwaneng and Kimberley to name a few. It is therefore a one-of-a-kind collection in terms of both the variety of specimens and range in locality. 

The Mantle Room samples are available to all researchers interested in upper mantle petrology and/or diamond research. We regularly have local and international visitors that use this resource particularly when samples are needed in areas where the mine has been closed or where other constraints don't allow for a mine visit.

If you would like to visit the UCT Mantle Room or have mantle research related queries please get in touch with Dr Phil Janney or Professor John Gurney. For general enquires related to the mantle room or mantle education please contact Tanya Dreyer