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MSc Students

Aidan Wilton

Thesis title: The palaeoecological interactions and micro-scale variations between Name Group microbialites

Supervisor: Dr Rosalie Tostevin

Contact details:

Research interests: Geochemistry, palaeontology, palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology.




Zuko Qashani

Thesis title: Petrology and geochemistry of the Kareevlei diamondiferous orangeite.

Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Howarth.

Contact details:

Research interests: Kimberlite, orangeite, and lamproite geochemistry; Radiogenic isotope geochemistry; Subcontinental lithospheric mantle geochemistry.  




Joshua Van Blerk

Thesis Title: Oxygen isotopes in megacrysts from the Monastery kimberlite

Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Howarth

Contact Details:

Research Interests: Stable isotopes, kimberlites and igneous geochemistry



Tarryn Aucamp

Thesis Title: Petrogenesis of Olivine-phyric shergottite meteorites and the implications for volcanism on Mars

Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Howarth

Contact Details:

Research Interests: Volcanology, igneous geochemistry, seismology, planetary science and GIS


Anton Viljoen

Thesis Title:The petrology and mineral chemistry of kimberlites from West Africa

Supervisor/s: Dr. Geoffrey Howarth; Associate Professor Phil Janney

Contact details:

Room 309, Geological Sciences building

Research interests: Kimberlites, Diamonds, Kimberlitic indicator minerals, Mineral chemistry, Exploration

Backround: I obtained my undergraduate and honours degrees from Stellenbosch University and graduated in 2016. I worked for Remote Explorations Services (RES) from the beginning of 2017 until the end of 2019 as an Exploration Geologist. After gaining valuable experience in the exploration and mining industry I decided to pursue a MSc through UCT in 2020 to further my education.


Michael Kirchner

Thesis Title:  Geochemistry and petrogenesis of olivine melilitites from Namaqualand, South Africa​

 Supervisor/s:  Associate Professor Phil Janney

Contact details:
Room 407, Geological Sciences
Cell: +27 (0)79 567 9440

Research Interests:  Igneous petrology of alkaline rocks