2nd International Conference of Continental Ichnology – ICCI 2017

8 Mar 2017 - 11:30

All interested geoscientists are invited to attend the 2nd International Conference of Continental Ichnology, which will be held near Langebaan and followed by a field trip from 1st to 8th of October 2017. This international conference is dedicated to the study of continental trace fossils, and PAST is one of our major sponsors. We expect that this event will bring together international geoscientists whose research focuses on investigating various ichnofossils (burrows, nests, tracks, trails), which are important not only for detailed characterization of past depositional environments, recognition of unconformities, prospecting for hydrocarbon resources, and biostratigraphic subdivisions, but also for the direct link they provide to ancient animal behaviour, all geared towards a better interpretation of the geological record. 

In the recent decades, this field-based geoscience research theme, which bridges palaeontology and sedimentology, has been neglected in South Africa, in spite the rich trace fossils heritage of our country. This conference therefore will be a great opportunity to promote and further develop ichnological research in South Africa, most of all for the benefit of our postgraduate students and early (and not so early) career geoscientists.

Key events:

Welcome Reception/Ice breaker:  1st October, UCT

Talks: 2nd–4th October, West Coast (Windstone)

Mid-conference field trip:   3rd October, West Coast Fossil Park
Post-conference field trip: 5th–8th October, main Karoo Basin (South Africa and Lesotho)


Please check out our website for more information: ICCI 2017


Dr EM Bordy

ICCI2017 Chairperson

UCT, Cape Town