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Stable Isotope Lab

The stable isotope laboratory has a number of extraction lines for the measurement of stable isotope ratios of O, C, and H in rock (silicates and carbonates), mineral and water samples.

  • A conventional silicate line utilising ClF3 with 10 nickel reaction vessels for the analysis of O in silicate rocks and minerals
  • A carbonate line for the extraction of CO2 in carbonate rocks and minerals using 100% phosphoric acid. This line is also used to determine oxygen isotope values in water samples
  • A hydrogen line for the analysis of H in rocks and mineral samples and water samples
  • A laser fluorination line for the analysis of 1-2 mg mineral samples using BrF5. Both δ17O and δ18 O are determined on O2 gas absorbed onto molecular sieve in sample bottles.

All samples are collected in glass 'break-seal' tubes which are analysed using a DeltaXP dual inlet gas source mass spectrometer housed in the Department of Archaeology.  Please contact Chris Harris for information on rates for work in the stable isotope laboratory.