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Teacher Professional Development in the Earth Sciences

UCT Schools Development Unit

Short Course Overview

Short courses re-skill, enrich, and upgrade educators' knowledge and competency, and help create confident, innovative teachers.

The short course programme complements the Schools Development Unit's broader work. For example, a suite of short courses will soon be available to meet the needs of mathematics, science, and life orientation teachers at secondary schools involved in the MSEP project.

A number of short courses are offered to educators seeking to keep informed about developments in their field and expand their skills. The programme:

Offers short, focused interventions;
Has courses developed and presented by specialists in their field; and
Is flexible, so can respond to needs and requests.


A short course in school education at the University of Cape Town is from six to 30 hours long and costs in the range of R 400 to R 3500 per person per course. All courses have an assessment component and are UCT accredited.

An applied field assignment is an assignment that requires course candidates to provide evidence of how they have applied the knowledge from the course in their field of practice. Assessment criteria and performance indicators are provided for all assignments, usually in the form of rubric.

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